Sunday, May 17, 2009

If we are "normal" then maybe we should act like we are "normal"

I am anoyed to no end with the damn gaybos that are affraid of being "type casted" as gaybos at the gym ... so they pretend (as much as they can) they are not gay wile at the gym....they go back to the closet the moment they get in to the gym...
...if you want people to acccept you, then first you should accept yourself first and love yourself and why the fuck do you hide yourself?? I can't understand it..
I knwo I am Ranting here but I keep seeing people I knwo they are gay at the gym totally ignore me when I say hi ... I am gay I came out of the closet I love being gay and I won't pretend otherwise regardless of where I am at ... if I have to accept streight dudes almost break their neck when they see a piece of female ass walking by then they have to accept that I am going to do the same when a hot boy passes by me , after all I am a boy too,...and you knwo what most people will ignore you unless you act like that is wrong forbiden or a bad thing ...
I say if you are gay own up to it..don't hide it
besides being gay is Awesome and I wouldn't want to be anything else..
UGH..enough rant just needed to get that out of my chest

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