Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Doll Wall

I may have mentioned that we were renovating our home (that went on since labor day last year) and as part of that my girls were all boxed up and shoved in a closet, it wasn't untill just today that I am able to finally display them out and in all their glory, I had hoped to be able to post better pictrures but the dressing adn setting up process was kind of draining so the girls are all in their own shelves but not yet ready for a proper picture...
As you can see my doll collection is as small as a collection gets, I love the girls I have tho and I wouldn't change them for nothing!!

hope you enjoy!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


no much denim in this house..who knew? LOL
Actually I was sure Gowns will out number any other clothig iten my dolls have but I wans't sure by how much that woudl turns out I have 3 Denim Pieces and abou 100 gowns ..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another simple design by Me..

nothing Super compicated a few stitches here adn there a belt to make the fit closer to the body and Ta Da ther eis an outfit
Wig by Illaria...
Sherry fang SHoes
Sybarite Belt

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Shoes

by ebay seller beautifultoys (shipping is very SLOW)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am totally and absolutly inlove with this face sculp, it is more of a NEED situation

the following are pictures thatw ere taken by Shasha during 2011's PFDF, in my opinion Sen was by far the best exclusive this Doll Collectors gathering had.

The first one is Eagan another of the Numina girls By Paul Pham I thinks he wa slimitedd to 50 and totally ahnd painted by Paul.

This one is the Original Devon , sold thru FDQ ( I need to suscribe again) Limited to 50 and absolutly AMAZING

this one is Sen 9or Zen) lmited to 10 and sold exclusively to atendees at the PFDF on march 2011

and this one is a OOAK (rumored to be a prototype for a basic Devon coming out soon this year!!)

Monday, March 14, 2011

I am In love with Paul Pham's Devon

Can somebody give me sale me gift me make me work for one??
I want to photograph her BADLY!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Arrivals 2..Judy Moore Gowns

I recently bought a Gown from Jude, first time buying one of her outfits, I must say it won't be the last the quality holds up the price was right and the fit and fabrics are perfect!!
Jude included an extra gown, as a thank you to me because she couldn't ship fro a few days, which she sh9ouldn't have because I didn't mind waiting , but I am really thankful she included it because I normally wouldn't buy a white gown but this one is fantastic simple yet gorgeous (scroll down to see it,on my first pictures of Maya)...

New Arrivals...RDG Maya

About a month and half a go I was lucky to be on the right place at the right time and I Scored...I was able to get RGD’s first Maya for a Good Price...
the seller was by all means FABULOUS, shipped quickly answered emails right away and not one of my requests was met with a nasty answer, He shipped her right away and I got my tracking info almost the same day. Which was GREAT...the only problem: the damn Postal service that took 45 days to deliver package sent to me from Spain via EMS...Well now that is past and she is here she is GORGEOUS beyond words!!

Hells Bells are coming...Toxica is almost here

I think is alright to post this as it was sent already a few days a go
If you collect Sybarites and have no access to The salon in London, you are surely as eager as me to see more dolls,
Last year was a SUCKY Year for those of us unable to make a trip to London, only Tick and the “Gate Keepers” where Offered , and in all honesty I rate them 6 out of 10... good but not GREAT....
I did buy V3 and sold her to somebody that really fell for her and was sleeping when she went on sale, so I am hopping that Hells Bells Toxica blows me away, I really want to photograph a Sybarite with the New Body!!!


It seems to me that finally most doll companies got tired of loosing money and have somehow stepped up their Game. Well Kinda, Sorta....
Did they finally realize either you come up with better stuff or collectors won't buy?
Last year I saw an increase on the OOAK, and off brand market, many people released more that normally and since the smaller sellers (mostly people that make their own stuff) have been really smart, they made what people wante4d to buy in quantities that were right for the market, they probably as a group, outsold any of the big names...
But this year from Robert Tonner , to Integrity, to (gasp) Mattel they all seem to have been offering GREAT stuff ( or should I say Better stuff that Last year)
I have already 3 Tonner doll on preorder (albeit for their outfits only but a first in several years), I kind of want a Silkstone or 2 (may wait for those to go on sale) and I am loving the few pics of Flawless Elise I’ve seen(FR2 that it happens to be not so flawless ..but I love her face!!) , I totally wish I was paying attention when she went on sale
I wander if this trend (of making better stuff because collectors are tired of the same shit in different colors) will continue...
Who knows but this is definitely a year where you’ve got to be smart with your pennies there are several good options out there…

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Having good friends is a Good Thing

If anything can be said about me is that, even tho I am a friendly person, I really don't have alot of friends , but it is also true that those I allow to get really close to me, are really a good bunch, at least most of them.
Yesterday after a rough day of stupidity I was ready to do one of the most stupid thigns a collector could do, and I was , as luck have, it stopped, advised , quieted down and relax by a casual phone call a good friend paid me...
I fell lucky to be friends with people that is far smarter than me, and I thank their friendship everyday!!

Just thought you should know!!