Monday, March 28, 2011

My Doll Wall

I may have mentioned that we were renovating our home (that went on since labor day last year) and as part of that my girls were all boxed up and shoved in a closet, it wasn't untill just today that I am able to finally display them out and in all their glory, I had hoped to be able to post better pictrures but the dressing adn setting up process was kind of draining so the girls are all in their own shelves but not yet ready for a proper picture...
As you can see my doll collection is as small as a collection gets, I love the girls I have tho and I wouldn't change them for nothing!!

hope you enjoy!!


Matthew said...


Magic of sybarites said...

Very interesting to see how your live doll. This apartment for sybaritic))
If you want to come visit - I'll show you specifically for your windows