Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am totally and absolutly inlove with this face sculp, it is more of a NEED situation

the following are pictures thatw ere taken by Shasha during 2011's PFDF, in my opinion Sen was by far the best exclusive this Doll Collectors gathering had.

The first one is Eagan another of the Numina girls By Paul Pham I thinks he wa slimitedd to 50 and totally ahnd painted by Paul.

This one is the Original Devon , sold thru FDQ ( I need to suscribe again) Limited to 50 and absolutly AMAZING

this one is Sen 9or Zen) lmited to 10 and sold exclusively to atendees at the PFDF on march 2011

and this one is a OOAK (rumored to be a prototype for a basic Devon coming out soon this year!!)

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