Saturday, July 4, 2009

Seeing Somebody eles Collection

Yesterday I had the Pirvilege, the HONOR of visiting one of my good Doll friends and have a nice sitdown talk and see and appreciate his collection.
I knew his collection is one of the most complete collectioin out there but I wasn't aware of HOW amazing it is to be able to see every china doll ever mande, it is a feellig I wouldn't want to loose..just amazing...I am now doomed..I want every doll ever made I want every outfit ever made ...and hearing his stories about his adventure in paris I want to Meet Charles and Des in person too!!
Talking to him was a whole new experience, his respect and understanding of the SYbarites,his admiration (that I of course share with him) for the creators, his love for fashion and his knowledge of it, was something you could see and feel coming out of him, from the way his display is set up from the colors use on the props ( BTW his props are just amazing I need to start saving for some of thos chiase chairs!!)
Over all yesterday was one of my BEST days Ever,
Doll wise I still have afew I haven't met (Tatoo, Cosma , Ives & Patience, and hopefully one day see in person a real Chalk White....

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