Monday, July 25, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just one Question..Why do Doll companies have to repeat..CONSTANTLY..if IT thinks that they are doing somethign ground breaking with this line well they are about 20 years late...Mattel did it in the same size that IT is doing it now and MA did it in the larger group...
Why not do somethign new why not look to the future try to improve to create new...Instead we get the same dolls over and over again.
And then they wander why sales are down? maybe because people already bought what you are selling.


Terri Gold said...

Why? Haha.
Last year it was Alice in Wonderland and before that it was Oz and on and on. Nothing is new.

Dolling Boy said...

if you say in the human's fashion world yes there isn't anything new but for doll companies there is plently to coppy from that hasn't been touched yet...I think it is easy to see-pick up what others did and just (sometimes) improve upon that instead of trying something new and maybe not doing it that great...IT used to be at the Avant guard of doll collecting more...2005 I miss you much (affordable prices if you were able to preorder, great fashions ...superb quallity...)!!!