Monday, August 8, 2011

Wiring a doll

I am by all means not a customizer but as somebody who enjoys photographing I like my dolls to be abel to hold a pose and stay steady for a wile

You need to go to a hardware store and purchase some heavy stainless steel wire, at least 20 gauge (you need to look at your doll and make sure that all the "holes" are the same other wise you'll need different sizes ).
You'll need to have handy wire cutter, a needle nose plier, and your doll.
Have the doll rest on a folded towel orsimilar soft surface,some will tell you to cover the dolls face, I don't but I've done it enough times. Of Course the doll should be Naked.

Grab doll by the waist and pull her open so you see the elastic.
You are going to push some wire into her chest.

Cut about 2 feet of wire and bend back the ends so they arent dangerous (bernd them completely back like a bobby pin, using the pliers, and squeeze them hard to get them to be as narrow as possible).
There are a couple of ways of doing this the best for those that are new is option A..althought in my pictures I follow my own way (option B)

A-)Then fold the wire in half, making a loop at the top. Twist the wire a couple of times.

Put the loop up her chest, right in there with the elastic and push it all the way up to her neck as far as it will go. Then take each end of he wire and thread it thru her hip and down into her legs. It should go past her knees into her shins. The wire is springy so be careful. You will have to "stretch" your dolly a bit to get the wire in.

B-) Fold the wire in half and push it thru the legs untill you can't push no more, tiwst the top with your hands and slowly shove it into her chest

Now you are done... if you want to wire her arms just one piece from one end to the other will do it.(remember some dolls you can do the shoulders but not the whole arm due to the elbow joint)

DO NOt Cut the elastic you need to leave it inside to hold the doll together

Wiring (1)

SUgar is my Model and she was as Floppy as a doll can get

Wiring (3)

Wiring (2)

Folded in half..see the elastic
Wiring (6)

Wiring (5)

Doll adn wire..always do legs first

Wiring (4)
Wired pushed thru the legs and started to twist at the top
Wiring (8)

Wiring (7)

Wiring (9)

Wire shoved into dolls Chest

Wiring (10)

Doing the arms Now ( on a Syb you can go from wrist to wrist on other dolls you may not

Wiring (11)

Wiring (12)

you'll go from the left shoulder to the right shoulder thru the right arm (fold the hand out of the way and get it all almost out ..adn then push it thru the left arm...

Wiring (13)

Not so Floppy no more..remember wile the wire is still new she'll be a bit stiff but once the wire has been bent back and forth several times she'll be much better

Wiring (14)

Hope this was helpfull ..I need to go and wire my Kinetic Heather now!!!

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