Monday, October 17, 2011

Coming Full Circle- Looking fro variety

Is not a secret that my first love adn the only dolls that have never left me are My sister's Perfume Pretty dolls ( I have all but 2 of the outfits to complete that set). It wans't untill I turned 17 that I started actibly buying dolls for me, and I continue to do so. When I turned 24,back in 2002, I found Silkstones and FR both of which I feel deeply for, at some point I had every silkstone made and every FR made. But For very trivial reasons I stopped enjoying the silksontes and they were all quickly Sold, I miss some but not all of them, and a few years a fter that The same happened with FR. but it has been afew months since I've been eyeing them again checking ebay adn the boards and last week I decided it was time to just go ahead and get one doll, but as luck have it one doll always bring another and as of today 5 FR are mine , 4 are traveling here and one just arrived.
Will I continue butying FR dolls? absolutly Yes, I loved them before and regretted selling them.
Will i stop collecting the big FBJD's? NO way, the Numina's and Sybarites are my love deeply rooted in what I call my fashion sensibility and therefore sort of a part of me, but I have always strived to have Variety adn I think I am closer to that if I can look at my collection adns ee a sample of each instead off all the same.

Meet Fashion's Nigt Out 2011

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