Sunday, March 25, 2012

People is so effing stupid sometimes

For different reasons I have not bought anything new for my girls in quite a wile until about 2 weeks a go when I got at a very reasonable price all 3 of the Syb lingerie sets that were given at the "London event" last year...I had wanted them for a wile ... This past Friday since I had not received them I emailed the seller and she tells me yesterday that the package was delivered that it had DC and insurance and that I should have it already for about a week already...I asked my husband about the package and the package wasn't here...
I called the PO they give me the number of the distribution center and there they put me in contact with the actual mailman...instead of calling I waited for him to come home yesterday when I saw him coming to my house I went outside and talk to him I gave him the info I had and asked him if he could find out anything about ( of course the guy remembers NOTHING)...well at the end of the day he called me and tells me that he may have left the package in either 57 to 151 ( my house number is 51)....
I walked over to 57 and asked the lady that lives there if she had received a package that wasn't for her; she said her Son had signed for something about a week a go but that when her husband got home they misplaced it because she doesn't know where it is
UGH..I am so sure they put in the garbage. I am SICK to my stomach......feeling utterly unlucky today….

Update, the husband just knocked on my door adn appologize becasue he indeed put the small box in the garbage....
so not rihgt!!

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