Monday, April 2, 2012

the good the bad and all the rest!!

The Good Poppy Does Twiggy, she is fabulous!!

The Better, a Brunette Poppy, poppy should always be a brunette!!

the edgy ..the New Luchia I think her outfit and just FABULOUS!!

The Excelente, The new Kyory another Hit from IT!!

The Fabulous, out of The Blue came Adele, IT has given us an Adele worth having!! AMAZING!!

the Glamazon...Glamour glamour glamour That's all tatiana has tio give ...adn she is SERVING IT

The Gorgeous, this Jordan is BEAUTIFUL..simplyas that!!

the Sexbomb, ...doll, outfit adn styling are just PERFECT on this lady!!!

And becasue not everythign can be perfect
the Ugly ..I am sorry veronique you deserve better than this FUCKTASTIC dress

tha incomprehensible..what wher they thinking when they OKed this doll>?


The Duke of Swann said...

These are totally insane! We don't get Integrity Toy Dolls in South Africa where I'm from. Will have to order then. hahaha! Nice blog.

Twoonia Sykes said...

Thats one hot mess of a dress on veronique.