Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eyelash-less Raja

Cos I am ver STUPID I should have not touched her ..but instead I took her out of her box and played and when I realised she had lost both of her eyelashes...ARGH....luckily I found both of them adn had been given some instructions on how to re-attach them..tho I may need a drink before I sttle to start doing it

I did take pictures anyhow more to remind me of mys tupidness than anything else..ARGH again



Don't drink more than one glass ! LOL
Poor Adry, forget everything, be cool and tell you you are able ! You will do it like a king and you will love her even more after cause she will be your saved princess!!
I send you all the good vibes I can !
Good luck !!

Dolling_Boy said...

Thanks SO much Karine!!