Saturday, April 17, 2010

When Did Hisodol stuff went from a reasonable...

..$69-$89 to a unjustified $180-$250 per outfit? (talking of the 16" category here )
Don't get me wrong their stuff is well made , or atleast better made than much of what is offered there, but thier design sensibility is just not better than what I can come up with if I were to design something, No Haute Couture or high fashion, simply Gawdy drag Queenish stuff, no fANcy fabrics or intricated designs or complicated seams, they basicly offere the same outfits in several different colors and nothing if what they sale is OOAK or even that limited. So is people really buying that much that their demand justifies the higher prices are is their stuff seating on their shelves?
I haven't bought anything from them in ages and out of boredom today Spent a few minutes browsing thru tehir stuff on eba, still nnothing for me but the prices were lets say eye catching!!

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