Monday, February 21, 2011

RDG picture time!!

These are 2 OOAK dolls I was allowed to play for a month and half, they belong to Keith, since then, I got 2 and half rdg dolls of my own (Poison Maya and an extra Maya Head!!)
I was quite surprised by these dolls when I held them in person, I must comfess that I had noted their pictures on the boards (mainly Prego) and was underwhelmed by them but in person these dolls feel and pose like the best, their Sculpts are very strong and I can understand why a certain group of doll collectors wouldn't like them , but I think they are very "NOW" very current if you look at fashion magazine pictures both camille and maya look alot like the models of todays runways!!.... I have posted pics of these girls with a little to no response so I am wandering does people not like the dolls or is that my photography is just not good?? who knows
regardles I love the dolls and will continue to get whatever new offerigns Keith releases, if they are priced acccordignly.


Anonymous said...

where do i buy the shoes she has on please.

Dolling Boy said...

If you mean the silver sheos, those are NUMINA shoes by Paul Pham...they were limited to may try posting on prego, quite afew of them changed hands so I am sure they are findable (they came with a doll called Paris Grey!!)