Saturday, April 23, 2011

16" FBJD's out there? links info

a friend asked this question on the boards adn it sparkled my curiosity so I am in need of links and or info
I think I pretty much have the basics

Sybs (I own)
Numina (have none but getting one)
Tonner, I've had one but sold it.
Ficon , I've had one but sold it (reallay want one of the newer girls)
Deva Heaven dolls I have one (Nanjay) and sold her
DEVA Dolls only want a Malaika or a Angie the rest are meh
Jamie Show I own a Jamie I want Angelica adn any of the dark resin ones!!

BUt, what other FBJD's are out there?
eventually I'd like to have at least a sample of each brand even if the main focus of my collection remains small

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