Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Times are changing

I’ve been collecting Sybs for a few years now and I’ve had a few ups and downs but none like this…
I am a bit sad today , as I realized that life throw you curb balls you have to swing even if you want to let them pass by….
I am forced to have surgery, my hearing has deteriorated and now my sense of smell if gone again….not a complicated surgery but I’ll be out of work, deaf and worst of all having to pay for the whole things as my insurance won’t cover the surgery…so today as I contemplated all this and looked at my collection I realized that in order to help with the cost my Sybs outfits will have to go, I hate to do that as I love each and every piece I have….


aquabluerose said...

I am so sorry, Adrian.
Things are unfair at times. There is no doubt about that.
There is nothing I can say, I know that, but believe that I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and prayers to you.


Dolling Boy said...

Thansk gerri!!!!
on the 27th I'll know the details (cost and all so lets hope I can do it all soon!!)