Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Dolls are better than yours?..really??

Do you feel that sometimes that is exactly what people want to say? they just say it in a different way…
I must say I have never felt that my collection was better than anybody’s , if anything I think there are collections out there that make my dolls look like a bunch of rag dolls, and yet I love my collection just as much as they do.
I mean, my dolls may not be better than yours or theirs but they are the dolls I love and the ones in my collection and I consider them pretty fabulous, so for as much as the little comments like “ for that money I would buy (insert doll company’s name)”, or I sold all of my (insert company’s name) to focus only on the amazing (insert another company’s name)..Those comments don’t make me love my dolls any less or want your dolls any more than I did before…they only make me not like the collector that is saying those things , I don’t compete with anybody but I often feel that people takes doll collection as some kind of popularity contest.

How do you feel about your collection?


aquabluerose said...

Hi Adrian,
It seems that way sometimes...
I know what helps me though....I focus on those collectors whose posts just make me feel happy. These are the people who may own one doll or hundreds but they are sharing their amazing joy and love for their doll.
To me, this is the best part of reading the doll boards..(besides the gorgeous photos)when we doll collectors get together and just enjoy our dolls and appreciate one another as fellow doll lovers and as human beings.

gerri XXX

Northern Skye said...

Interesting and thought provoking post.
As you know, I only collect Sybs- but I do buy/keep one example of the others. I like it that way, to keep me on top of the changes, painting, fashions and so that I can contribute, on some level to a conversation about many dolls.
I am sad to see people compare one collection to another, that is hurtful. Objective comparison of features like articulation or foot size are helpful, esp. to decide what to spend those few dollie dollars on- and the market is broad, while the money is Goose.
Has everything gotten so much more expensive? Is there so much more to choose from? Where has my spending power gone? I am seriously going to have to sew more, to add another dimension to my collecting- and maybe make a few $$.

Dolling Boy said...

Gerrie and NS thanks fro your replies!!
I have been seeing the tendency to try to make ones collection better by talking down somebodyelses collection, and I just thought I'd ask...
Gerri I do try to stay focus on those people that are always sahring their love for their dolls being whatever it is they love, I like to think we enrich eachothers live and collecting experience by sharing..sadly I can't collec everything I want but I trully enjoy seeing other people's collections!1
Shells you need toswe more ..and sew for my girls too LOL