Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aether *numina devon Sculpt)

Aether was "sort of" a comission , I didn't ask for one but I was asked if I wanted to get one and who would say no to a doll painted by Paul Pham. He then proceeded to ask what I wanted on a doll so instead of a description I sent him a bunch of pictures....He snet me this AMAZING girl.
(and before you get thinking I did pay for her!!)
The Veredict...
Love her she poses better than the Sybs gen 2, I do not have (yet) with me a Gen 3 Syb to compaire , but I adore Aether.
Since I started working for Doll Reader last year I've been inclined to keep at least one doll of the girls I use for the articles, it is sort of like scrap booking ..just without the horrendous left over junk you gotta dispose off after you've finished!!
I am HAPPY that this time I keep Aether...and I may have to start looking for the "original" Devon as this one is really something!!

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