Thursday, May 5, 2011

prices are HIGH...

I would have thought that with the talk being recetion, don't let the headlines full you, we are heading into a deep recetion once again..I wander if we ever got out of it the first time...lately I think Life is a big recetion...
I've noted a BIG jump on asking prices (not to be comfused with market price), specially european collectors have been askign OUTRAGIOUS prices for things that normally don't sale for that much.
A nude Sybarite 599 british pounds, or 500 Euros... and wile I understand that we all wnat to get the best price for our "things" these super high prices do not seem justificated, there has been a sensible reduction on the deamnd, people has alot less money to spend...things would make you beleive prices should go Down and yet we see them go up
Is people not paying attention to the market? or are they hoping to get a distracted collector to jump the gun before researching??
Is this too much greedy-ness form the sellers?
I don't know, but I educate myself as a Buyer and try to stay focus , as much as possible, when I see somebody asking an outragious price over and over again I tend to black list that person.

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Northern Skye said...

Me too Adry, I pay attention to who has what..and how long the item has been available. Some collectors, sellers- who are trying to poke our eyes out! When someone paid under 100.00 for something, and tries to sell it for 10X that..its just not right!