Saturday, May 21, 2011

they Arrived friday

The Models to my shoot arrived friday mornign, thanks heaven Rob was home and he signed for the package..i wouldn't have slept if I had to wait untill this morning to see them
First I open Eagan and I must say I fell inlove with ehr gorgeous green eyes..I don't own any dollw ith green eyes so playing with oen was rather enjoyable
her poseabilty is on par with the Sybs (gen 2 body) not better not worse about the same.
Her feet are a bit larger than the sybs so no sharing shoes, I call myself lucky becasue I bought a bunch of Sherry shoes and beautytoy's shoes taht were made for Ellowyne Wilde (which I dont own any dolls of) so it was a fortunate mistake..
Her eis Eagan

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