Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Intentions

Every so ofthen people gives me things, they think I should have, this doll was one of those times, sicne it is a present from my mom I decided I should honor it with it's own picture..I wish it was a picture of my mom instead...soon I hope

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It may be just my mood today, but in all honesty when you are debuting a new doll you oughta show her in your own creations, otherwise it kinda looks cheesie!!
and "le New" ... hmm absolutly nothing..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

a Silly coworkers Joke

As some of you knwo We got a puppy a week back and to my suprise some of my coworkers put together a gift bag for the lill monster...at the Bottom of the bag there was something that, got me thinking....how much has Ken Changed....Yes there was a 2010 Ken Doll ( yeah Barbie's ex)...not only a Ken doll is not an appropiate toy for a dog but I wouldn't want to give him a toy that may make the lill mosnter think that he is allowed to play with other dolls....
Back to Ken...I am amazed at how edgy this doll is and how Adam Lambert-ish he looks...I loves me some gay Ken ...
here are some pics...oh I am keeping it BTW he may not be a Sybarite but he is nice enough that I rather keep him than give it away!!...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Slipper's Lingerie..

Probably one of the hardest outfits to put ona doll..and one that certainly stay on said doll for a wile...I've never been one for pink but I trully LOVE this set..I wish I had a secodn one to change the color of!!
here is Sugar wearign it..and prolly bever taking it off!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eyelash-less Raja

Cos I am ver STUPID I should have not touched her ..but instead I took her out of her box and played and when I realised she had lost both of her eyelashes...ARGH....luckily I found both of them adn had been given some instructions on how to re-attach them..tho I may need a drink before I sttle to start doing it

I did take pictures anyhow more to remind me of mys tupidness than anything else..ARGH again

At least my girl doens't look like this

I am sorry if I offend any fans of the "artist" but this is just plain HORRENDOUS

My own Raja was victim of my clumsiness (she lost both of her eylashes just today) but I am so glad I don't try to do what I know I am not meant to...i.e. repainting why would people repaint limited dolls escapes me..and specially why people chooses expensive limited dolls to practice repainting at beggining stages is down right STUPID....again with my appologies to the Fans but this repaint makes for a FUGLY picture of the week!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

When Did Hisodol stuff went from a reasonable...

..$69-$89 to a unjustified $180-$250 per outfit? (talking of the 16" category here )
Don't get me wrong their stuff is well made , or atleast better made than much of what is offered there, but thier design sensibility is just not better than what I can come up with if I were to design something, No Haute Couture or high fashion, simply Gawdy drag Queenish stuff, no fANcy fabrics or intricated designs or complicated seams, they basicly offere the same outfits in several different colors and nothing if what they sale is OOAK or even that limited. So is people really buying that much that their demand justifies the higher prices are is their stuff seating on their shelves?
I haven't bought anything from them in ages and out of boredom today Spent a few minutes browsing thru tehir stuff on eba, still nnothing for me but the prices were lets say eye catching!!

CandyAche...Why did I wait so long to Debox this gown?

I finally debox this gown early this week and I am soooooooooooooo Happy I did keep it..I got it apart of a trade a wile back and never paid much attention to it, maybe it was the bright colors that didn't grab me during our past winter..or maybe it was not the right time....

This gown excedes what I can explain or describe it fnatastic, the cunstruction is pure genious ( the built in corset just blew my mind...) the delicacy of the fabric, the embridery, everythign ..just a Fantastic Gown..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I really Trully Love this blouse ( Wish I had the money to buy all the colors available!!!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Un Disfraz

Very seldom I see anything non superfrock that I feel I like, this lill "disfraz" by Tonner cought my eye and inspired me to take a few more pictures of Sugar ( Cos she doens't get enough camera time!!!)
Sugar as the Nurse (Wig, red bra, red Shoes, red belt and Black Boots by Superfrock)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Speachless..well not really

all Original Raja

and the Poor thing that was unlucky enough to be repainted by somebody witha shakey hand and lots less talent than he or she thinks she has, and now being sold by that f2000 dude

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Basique Deux

after a Not so long wait I received this Set , the second "Basique" Gift set by Superfrock, as usually it cmae out of it package before I hit the second floor of my house, I knew which girls were going to wear what from the moment Is aw the picture back in december 31st 09 ...
I tried photographing it several times , but each time proved to be more challenging than before..I realized later that the white of this set did not do well with artifitial lighting so I put it on hold till today.
I would describe you the set and it wonders but it is beyong my limits in english, I simply can't find the words to describe it's perfectness, the fit, the frabrics' the possibilities,
if you bought DEBOX it ,don't be a 'Sily" and try it to make a quick bucks, you will get more by playing with this set than whatever proffit you can make off of it.
Here a few of my Very Crappy Pictures fo you to enjoy (or not).

Sunday, January 3, 2010