Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just one Question..Why do Doll companies have to repeat..CONSTANTLY..if IT thinks that they are doing somethign ground breaking with this line well they are about 20 years late...Mattel did it in the same size that IT is doing it now and MA did it in the larger group...
Why not do somethign new why not look to the future try to improve to create new...Instead we get the same dolls over and over again.
And then they wander why sales are down? maybe because people already bought what you are selling.

Kinetic Heather arrived

In my constant quest for new models for my Doll reader Articles I was lucky to find her at a very reasonable price ($200), last time I tried to buy one of these Kinetic girls (Connie) somebody wanted an unreasonable $450.
I like her more than I thought I would,
She was never my favorite Kinetic girl but I am sure she'll grow on me once I can figure out her possing abilities...these were some quick shots trying to see if she was a permanent fixture or just a temp...She's staying
i did change her hands to JS hands...I like those hands alot.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweeping you!!

This tonner outfit is simply AMAZING...
I put it in my top 3 (behind Manhattan grand's fashion and Ambient Luxe...neither of which I have )

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I feel All trendy having a OOAK by one of the "artist" of the moment.
She was original Kyra , a JS doll ( beleive a basic one) taht was comissioned by a Collector from FL the eye make up based or inspired by no other that Megatron himself ( yes there are other doll collectro who like me grew up watching Transformers and loving Barbie!!)...and her lips inspired by the most extreme of the Couture Looks....I renamed her Umeha (a traditional geisha name..according a google search that sounds good so Stays.
What do I think of Her? I fainted when I saw her first pictures, and was rather concidering sending a comission to get a JS Jamie repainted in similar looks ...and When Is aw she was up for grabs becasue her original owner didn't really bond with her I was Thrilled at the chance of giving her a she is a Keeper..and I do love the Lips!!!