Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grown Up Games , 1st in the Revenge Series

Patience is a Virtue

Patience arrived yesterday.
After a LOOONG layaway she is finally here.
And she not only completed my Lesbian Lovers duo but sparkled my photography inspiration ….yey.
As some of you may Know Yves and Patience were married in March 2008, union that lasted until February of 2009 when Yves couldn’t get used to the married life and simply walked away from Patience…
Since then patience has been planning her Revenge..
More to come now I leave you with a few quick pics

Saturday, April 23, 2011

16" FBJD's out there? links info

a friend asked this question on the boards adn it sparkled my curiosity so I am in need of links and or info
I think I pretty much have the basics

Sybs (I own)
Numina (have none but getting one)
Tonner, I've had one but sold it.
Ficon , I've had one but sold it (reallay want one of the newer girls)
Deva Heaven dolls I have one (Nanjay) and sold her
DEVA Dolls only want a Malaika or a Angie the rest are meh
Jamie Show I own a Jamie I want Angelica adn any of the dark resin ones!!

BUt, what other FBJD's are out there?
eventually I'd like to have at least a sample of each brand even if the main focus of my collection remains small

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Times are changing

I’ve been collecting Sybs for a few years now and I’ve had a few ups and downs but none like this…
I am a bit sad today , as I realized that life throw you curb balls you have to swing even if you want to let them pass by….
I am forced to have surgery, my hearing has deteriorated and now my sense of smell if gone again….not a complicated surgery but I’ll be out of work, deaf and worst of all having to pay for the whole things as my insurance won’t cover the surgery…so today as I contemplated all this and looked at my collection I realized that in order to help with the cost my Sybs outfits will have to go, I hate to do that as I love each and every piece I have….

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Dolls are better than yours?..really??

Do you feel that sometimes that is exactly what people want to say? they just say it in a different way…
I must say I have never felt that my collection was better than anybody’s , if anything I think there are collections out there that make my dolls look like a bunch of rag dolls, and yet I love my collection just as much as they do.
I mean, my dolls may not be better than yours or theirs but they are the dolls I love and the ones in my collection and I consider them pretty fabulous, so for as much as the little comments like “ for that money I would buy (insert doll company’s name)”, or I sold all of my (insert company’s name) to focus only on the amazing (insert another company’s name)..Those comments don’t make me love my dolls any less or want your dolls any more than I did before…they only make me not like the collector that is saying those things , I don’t compete with anybody but I often feel that people takes doll collection as some kind of popularity contest.

How do you feel about your collection?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Naked Girl

her tatoos are so amazing that i never want to cover them up!!!

Sneak peek

Coming this halloween

My Second article wiht DR is published

I am extremely proud of my self… yey!!
It was more work than I bargained for but it was worth it, and I had a lot of help, which made me realize where my friendships are, from Keith that allowed me to use his Girls to Mel that helped me coming up with the right words fro the descriptions and the designers that not only allowed me to use their work but took their time to reply to my questions. it was awesome...
I want to say thank you to all the people that emailed me and congratulate me ….it was unexpected but truly appreciated!!