Sunday, February 27, 2011

I made it!!

I mentioned a wile a go that all I wanted was a "bubble dress" somethign inspired by I put Matters to work, helped by Gina that gave me a waist cincer (or Belt) and here are the results

Monday, February 21, 2011

RDG picture time!!

These are 2 OOAK dolls I was allowed to play for a month and half, they belong to Keith, since then, I got 2 and half rdg dolls of my own (Poison Maya and an extra Maya Head!!)
I was quite surprised by these dolls when I held them in person, I must comfess that I had noted their pictures on the boards (mainly Prego) and was underwhelmed by them but in person these dolls feel and pose like the best, their Sculpts are very strong and I can understand why a certain group of doll collectors wouldn't like them , but I think they are very "NOW" very current if you look at fashion magazine pictures both camille and maya look alot like the models of todays runways!!.... I have posted pics of these girls with a little to no response so I am wandering does people not like the dolls or is that my photography is just not good?? who knows
regardles I love the dolls and will continue to get whatever new offerigns Keith releases, if they are priced acccordignly.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


She came out and played for a few minutes the other day
Now that my cabinets are set up all the girls will be out or at least handy and I'll be able to get more pictures of them specially of Yves..who has become my favorite Girl (but don't ell Sugar that)!!!

Pre Orders

It has been a wile since I felt the need to secure something before its release date, mainly becasue of the dolls I had been collecting.
But this time thigns are different, there were 3 offerings from TDC (tonner doll co.) that grabbed my attention ,Antonette's Sweeping, Bold and Tyler's Fire Opal...
I adore the flowie motion that Fire Opal and Swepping have I love ruffles they have such a romantic feel to them and both are very "spring like"..Bald was an impulse but I like the structured tailored look. I wish I could preorder more but it is rather unjustifiable to preorder thigns these days as most thigns end up on sale for a hefty discount a few moths after their release...
But I think that either of those will look great on either RDG doll or Jamie Show....
Here are the pics

Monday, February 7, 2011

I want a Bubble dress

and since I can't find one I can afford ..I am almost finished making looks alot like superfrock's Nytro Glisten, and I feel weird ..I didn't quite coppy from them, sicne they actually coppy their outfit from Alexander McQueen, but I still feel weird....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wile we Wait

The new Venus has been spoted several times and many of us are eagerly waiting for the big reveal, hopping that she'll make as a big of a splash as she made 5 or 6 yearsa go on the same day...really Superdoll has been one of the biggest influences on Fashion doll collecting for the apst 5 years. Many will deny it but it is there, they are nto the only influce, but they are A can say that on the same way the Gene sparkled Mattel's Silkstone, the Sybarite have inspired changes on a few other companys ( Integrity's AG, Tonner Antonette, and a few FBJD's out there)
so her eis a look at 4 of the past incarnations of Venus

Why are there so many Angelina Jolie repaints?

the same can be asked about twillight repaints?
Do they really sale fro that much? or is it that the repainters happen to be fun of them and they just work with what they like?
I mean there are so many Angelinas done throught the year that they don't seem like OOAK anymore.
Is it just me that sees this??

a bit about the changes

A few things have changed about me and my collection.
even tho my primary focus will still be the Sybarites I decided to branch out , mainly due to the fact that i simply can't afford every Sybarite-Superdoll item out there, and saving a whole year to buy just one outfit on the secondary market to pay for somebody elses collection ( 1500 british pounds for a Kinkimono) just doesn't seem right, So I'll continue to buy what I can from the sybarite world without putting somebody elses grand kid thru college, wile adding to my collection a few dolls and may outfits from other brands, specially RDG whom I found to be on par with everything out there and has a fashion sensibility that is both different and very clear....

I am back!!!

yikes I knwo I haven't posted in a wile, but I promise to try and post a bit life dogs and my own dolls are on the way of blogging..besides half of the time I feel I have nothign interesting to add, but Iw il post any how!!