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Winter-Whites by FBJDcollector
Winter-Whites, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.

Ajuma Shows why she is the BEST LE of this year!!!

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Unimitable by FBJDcollector
Unimitable, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.

what else can be said about this girl!!

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Lolita by FBJDcollector
Lolita, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.

Finally a Vinyl doll that may own a spot in my collection...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


early-valantine1 by FBJDcollector
early-valantine1, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.

My Newest Model, a OOAK Pale Skin Devon by the UBER fabulous Paul Pham

Sunday, July 1, 2012

the one that got away?..NO More

Cholo by FBJDcollector
Cholo, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.

a few months a go 9 i dare say about a year ago, I saw a picture of this AMAZINg gown by Cholo on cholo's FB page..I fell instantly in love with this gown but sadly this was a private comission and I had no chances of getting it...but s fate has it the owner remember my interest in it adn I was offered it at a prie I coulnd't say no her eit goes my first ( adn by all means NOT my last) Cholo Couture...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stella in Filipiniana

Stella in Filipiniana by CHO:LO
Stella in Filipiniana, a photo by CHO:LO on Flickr.

My first Cholo Couture should be here by the weekend...I Can't wait!!

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Dior by FBJDcollector
Dior, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.


Maria-Luisa-B&W by FBJDcollector
Maria-Luisa-B&W, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.


Maria-Luisa by FBJDcollector
Maria-Luisa, a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.

Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa  by FBJDcollector
Maria Luisa , a photo by FBJDcollector on Flickr.

I comissioned this gown a wile back adn received it a few days a go, this is simply my dream gown, Dior's maria Luisa has been my most favorite Couture creation since I first saw it and owning (3 of them) a replica has been my dream as a doll collector!!

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My newest Girl!!

Meet Ga In, by Ficon Doll co!!