Saturday, May 28, 2011

Freedom of S-bitch...ahem I mean Speach

is a 2 way street. If you open your mouth just cos you have it then you'll be putting yourself out there for somebody else to shoot the same way back at you.
It has happened, and it continues to happen, and in reality it will never stop happening, people says things that in turn they don't really like when said to them.
People has to feel they have the better stuff out there and therefore they have a need to trash somebody else’s work, doll or object of love. Yes we all have our favorites but I don't think I have to tell you that my favorites are better than yours, or that yours suck.
It is rude childish and unnecessary.
I have always been able to play with my things wile watching and quite enjoying watching others play with their own things.
I Simply LOATH people that has to be better than others.
That doesn’t exist, and when somebody tries to prove they are indeed better, the only thing they prove is that they can, not only put one foot in their moth, but that for the that foot actually tastes good.
I quite enjoyed when the critic was given a taste of her own medicine and didn’t like it.
But I know better than to think this was enough to change her ways.
Just saying

Sugar is a Vision in Color

Eagan is The Emperor's favorite

Aether Does Rock & Roll

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aether *numina devon Sculpt)

Aether was "sort of" a comission , I didn't ask for one but I was asked if I wanted to get one and who would say no to a doll painted by Paul Pham. He then proceeded to ask what I wanted on a doll so instead of a description I sent him a bunch of pictures....He snet me this AMAZING girl.
(and before you get thinking I did pay for her!!)
The Veredict...
Love her she poses better than the Sybs gen 2, I do not have (yet) with me a Gen 3 Syb to compaire , but I adore Aether.
Since I started working for Doll Reader last year I've been inclined to keep at least one doll of the girls I use for the articles, it is sort of like scrap booking ..just without the horrendous left over junk you gotta dispose off after you've finished!!
I am HAPPY that this time I keep Aether...and I may have to start looking for the "original" Devon as this one is really something!!

they Arrived friday

The Models to my shoot arrived friday mornign, thanks heaven Rob was home and he signed for the package..i wouldn't have slept if I had to wait untill this morning to see them
First I open Eagan and I must say I fell inlove with ehr gorgeous green eyes..I don't own any dollw ith green eyes so playing with oen was rather enjoyable
her poseabilty is on par with the Sybs (gen 2 body) not better not worse about the same.
Her feet are a bit larger than the sybs so no sharing shoes, I call myself lucky becasue I bought a bunch of Sherry shoes and beautytoy's shoes taht were made for Ellowyne Wilde (which I dont own any dolls of) so it was a fortunate mistake..
Her eis Eagan

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Halloween is Here

since I had to get blood work done early this AM, I took to stay home and relax.
Well not really.
I finished up "building" my Halloween set, and organized outfits, jewelery , shoes adn wigs. All I need now are the Models and one last wig to arrive
this has been the most expensive shoot I have worked for.
I am excited!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The Groom is a Girl
the Bride won't wear a ring
adn the Bride Maids couldn't agree on a dress or shoes so they settle for the best match for each fo them..SKIN!!!

When you are Down

is good to have friends that love you!!
Knowing that I'l;l be having surgery soon and that I am very much down a Good friend allowed me to have one of her most prescious dolls


Saturday, May 7, 2011

RDG Spring Summer 2011

just a sneak peek
for more see the august issue of Doll Reader

Thursday, May 5, 2011

prices are HIGH...

I would have thought that with the talk being recetion, don't let the headlines full you, we are heading into a deep recetion once again..I wander if we ever got out of it the first time...lately I think Life is a big recetion...
I've noted a BIG jump on asking prices (not to be comfused with market price), specially european collectors have been askign OUTRAGIOUS prices for things that normally don't sale for that much.
A nude Sybarite 599 british pounds, or 500 Euros... and wile I understand that we all wnat to get the best price for our "things" these super high prices do not seem justificated, there has been a sensible reduction on the deamnd, people has alot less money to spend...things would make you beleive prices should go Down and yet we see them go up
Is people not paying attention to the market? or are they hoping to get a distracted collector to jump the gun before researching??
Is this too much greedy-ness form the sellers?
I don't know, but I educate myself as a Buyer and try to stay focus , as much as possible, when I see somebody asking an outragious price over and over again I tend to black list that person.